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RW's Autumn 1 Class Work

We made vegetable soup and learned how to cut and chop vegetables safely.

We used natural material to make transient art. We looked at how things change in the autumn time and talked about the changes we saw around the school.

In PE, we began to use the climbing apparatus safely. We learned how to use out muscles to pull ourselves up on the frame.

We are learning how to write our names. We used chalk and water outside to learn how to form the letters correctly.

RW's Autumn 2 Class Work

We had a Halloween dance and learned how to move in different ways.

We looked at electric circuits and how to light up a bulb when we learned about Diwali. We named the components of a circuit and connected the wires together.

We made Rangoli patterns when we looked at Diwali as part of our celebrations topic. We named the shapes and talked about their properties.

We went to see Father Christmas in Whitaker’s Garden Centre. The children spoke to him and told him what they would like for Christmas and received a present from him. We had Christmas cookies and coloured in Christmas pictures.

RW's Spring 1 Classwork

We have been learning about fairy stories this half term. When we read Jack and the Beanstalk we decided to plant beanstalks and see how they grow. We talked about what plants need to grow and watered them daily. They grew huge and we were very excited to see the green stalk shooting up!

We learnt about Chinese new year and celebrated by learning how to dance like FenFen, a professional Chinese dancer, and tried traditional Chinese food. We listened to the story of the Zodiac and learnt that this year is the year of the monkey!

RW's Spring 2 Classwork

It was world book day at Broad Square and we all brought our favourite books into school to read. Then we dressed up as our favourite character! We wrote about some storybooks that we have read and drew pictures of the characters.

We have been learning about the world around us and our city of Liverpool. After talking about the landmarks in Liverpool, we took a trip to our city to look at them and visited the Liverpool Museum. We really enjoyed the workshops where we got to look at a giant map of Liverpool and place things on the map. We walked around the Albert dock and looked at the shapes of the buildings. It was a fabulous day out!

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