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RD's Autumn Class Work

We have had a busy half term and our topic ‘Ourselves’ really helped us to get to know the children and their interests, likes and dislikes. Through our topic we have looked at how we are all different, special and unique. The children created lovely self-portrait drawings and looked at their facial features carefully in the mirror and selected the appropriate colours for their portraits. We discussed how we have changed and grown and the children enjoyed bringing in and sharing their photographs with their friends and teachers.

We learned about our body, our senses, and how to keep healthy and fit. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and tasted a variety of different fruits. We made healthy fruit smoothies and vegetable soup – they were delicious! We used the knives carefully to chop the fruit and vegetables. We discussed safety measures when cooking and the importance of hygiene when preparing food.

The children enjoy using the indoor and outdoor environments to move their bodies in different ways and practise their physical gross motor skills.

We discussed seasonal changes and we went on an autumn walk around school to look for signs of autumn. We created beautiful autumn leaf prints and autumn transient art creations.

We have been learning about patterns, shapes and numbers. We made repeated pattern necklaces by threading spools onto laces. We developed our fine motor skills. We went on a shape hunt around our school and we enjoy number songs and counting activities.

We enjoy looking at books in the library and we are developing our early reading skills.

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