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RD's Autumn Class Work

We have had a busy and exciting half term and our topic ‘Ourselves’ really helped us to get to know the children and their interests, likes and dislikes. Through our topic we have looked at how we are all different, special and unique. We have discussed growth and change over time. The children created lovely self-portrait paintings for our classroom display. The children looked at their facial features carefully in the mirror and selected the appropriate coloured paints for their portraits.

We learned about our body, our senses, and how to keep healthy and fit. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. We made healthy fruit smoothies – they were delicious!

The children enjoy using the indoor and outdoor environments to move their bodies in different ways and practise their physical skills.

We discussed seasonal changes and we went on an autumn walk around our school to look for signs of autumn. We created beautiful autumn leaf prints and autumn transient art creations.

RD's Autumn 2 Class Work

Our topic this half term was celebrations and festivals. We have learned about how some people celebrate various events and festivals. We celebrated Halloween at the beginning of the half term and we made spooky jelly and cupcakes. We had a Halloween party – it was lots of fun!

For bonfire night we discussed the firework code and how to stay safe. We made chocolate apples, which tasted yummy! We created lovely marble-rolling rocket pictures.

In PE the children have been practising their gross-motor skills and using the apparatus to move and balance in different ways. The children have enjoyed climbing on the climbing frame, swinging on the ropes and jumping and landing safely.

Police officers came into our class to speak to us about Stranger Danger and about being kind to one another.

We discussed Diwali, the festival of light. The children made clay Diwa candles and created their own Mehndi hand designs and Rangoli patterns using an art program on the computer.

As the weather turned colder we discussed seasonal changes and winter. The children created beautiful winter prints, winter collage scenes and penguins.

We ended our topic with a visit to Santa’s grotto at Whitakers Garden Centre, a Nativity Christmas performance and a Christmas party. It has been a very exciting and busy half term.

Billy Goats Gruff Assembly

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