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Nurseries Autumn 1 Class Work

We have been learning all about ourselves, we painted pictures of our faces and tried to remember to include our eyes, nose, mouth, hair and ears.

We have been using the computer in Nursery and learning how to use the mouse. We created pictures of our faces using the computer!

We have been learning to recognise our own names by self-registering as we come into Nursery.

We collaged paper to create pictures of ourselves; we used different materials such as paper, pipe cleaner, sequins and lolly sticks.

We count daily and have begun to learn how to represent numbers using our fingers.

We have been learning about Autumn, we collected conkers, acorns and leaves and made pictures of our faces with the different Autumn things!

We have been mark making, we started by making marks in sand, foam, washing up liquid and paint.

We then began making marks on paper using pens and pencils, we are trying to hold the pen correctly!

We made faces on the biscuits! We used different sweets to create a face!

We have been learning to sort objects into different categories e.g. colour, size and shape.

We drew around each other’s bodies and then coloured in the different body parts.

We have been learning to recognise numbers. We have collaged numbers to take home to make our own number lines at home.

We have been learning to take off and put on our own socks and shoes to help our independent skills.

We have been learning about different musical instruments and listening to what kind of sound they make.

We read daily and have been learning different book skills such as how to hold the book and where to start the story. We have also been learning about the front cover.

We have been learning different skills in P.E. such as how to run safely on the whole foot, crawling, jumping and hopping.

Nurseries Autumn 2 Class Work

We all dressed up for Halloween! We spoke about different celebrations and how some people might celebrate at these times.

We learnt about Diwali and how some people celebrate. We made clay “Diya’s”; candle holders that are used during Diwali.

We spoke about how to keep ourselves safe during bonfire night. We made our own firework pictures while exploring colour mixing.

Our topic this half term is ‘stories and rhymes’. We have been reading a variety of stories, we all picked our favourite book to read!

Clumbmoor visited and talked to the children about dental hygiene, we spoke about what foods are good and bad for our teeth and also how to clean our teeth properly.

We have been practising our pencil control by completing handwriting sheets related to our topic, making marks in the sand and by making marks in the role-play corner.

We have been reading many different traditional tales, we made our own ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ book. We made a front cover with a title and picture and then tried to write some recognisable letters on the inside while recalling the main events of the story.

For toy day we brought a toy in each, we shared our toys with our friends and took turns with each toy, we have become very good at sharing!

Nurseries Spring 1 Class Work

Our topic this half term is patterns! We have learnt how to make a variety of patterns with many different things!

We have been making colour patterns using the Lego!

We made butterfly paint patterns, we folded the paper to mix the different colour paints together.

We celebrated Chinese New Year in a variety of ways! We:

Made patterns on dragons and printed patterns on lanterns.

Made patterns on money envelopes.

Had a go at ribbon dancing.

Made a dragon head and preformed a dragon dance.

Listened to Chinese music and had a go at playing the instruments!

We have been practising how to use the mouse to create patterns on the computer.

We have been practising mark making; making patterns and writing letters in the sand using our finger.

We love reading books and read a new story everyday!

We made fruit kebab patterns! We chose two different fruits and skewered them onto a stick to create a pattern!

We have been exploring different instruments and learning how to make patterns with sounds.

We celebrated at the end of our topic by having a ‘pattern party’, everybody came wearing a pattern and we made pattern necklaces to wear!!

Nurseries Spring 2 Class Work

Our topic this half term is transport, we have been learning all about the different types of transport and how they work!

We having been learning to recognise 2d shape, we looked at how we can make different types of transport using the 2d shapes.

The police came in to talk to us about what they do and how they help people. They showed us different tools they need to do their job and we even seen the police car and the police helicopter!

We have been looking at the different sounds transport makes, we have been trying to recreate these sounds by using instruments.

We have been learning about germs and the importance of washing our hands, especially before we eat. We used paint to represent the germs to show how they can be transferred onto our food!

We have been using different construction materials in Nursery. Today we used magnetic blocks to create a model of a type of transport

We dressed up for world book day! We chose a character from our favourite books and then tried to recall the story our character was from.

We made models of our favourite type of transport. We first planned what we wanted to make and what we would need, then we made the models, then we evaluated what we had done and said what we could do next time.

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