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Nurseries Autumn 1 Class Work

We have been learning all about ourselves, with the help of Jigsaw Jennie we have spoken about our emotions and what makes us happy or sad or scared.

We used stickle bricks to make models of ourselves! We had to make sure we had a body, head, arms and legs.

We have been learning about autumn, we went on a walk outside to see what we could spot. We found that all the leaves had fallen off the tree.

We collected things from our autumn walk to bring back to Nursery for our autumn table.

At number time we have been learning how to count and learning how to recognise and write our numbers.

We love to read different stories in Nursery.

We take turns in giving out the milk at snack time. We have to remember to say please and thank you!

We decorated gingerbread men, making sure we have them a nose, eyes, mouth and ears.

We used out fine motor skills to make a model of a hedgehog, we had to pinch, roll and push to create our model.

In P.E. we have been learning to take off and put on our own shoes and socks.

We love to play ring games in P.E.

Nurseries Autumn 2 Class Work

This half term we have been learning about traditional tales and rhymes. We love to listen to the story while looking at the pictures.

We love to pick and read a story to take home for the weekend!

We put on puppet shows for our friends recalling the stories we have read.

We looked at how some people celebrate Diwali, we made Rangoli patterns using shapes.

We then made Rangoli patterns using the computer, we had a go at using the mouse and moving it around, we also had a go at clicking the mouse.

We made masks from our favourite stories, we had to recall the repeated refrains

We celebrated Halloween by making spooky jelly.

Playing bob-apple

Making spooky masks

Making spiders out of plasticine

Making a letter potion, matching the letters to the object that begins with that letter.

Playing in the spooky ‘s’ sand, finding all things that begin with ‘s’

and dressing up and having a spooky Halloween party!

We acted out ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ in the home corner, we pretended to be the bears making the porridge.

We celebrated bonfire night by creating firework pictures. We looked at what happens when two colours mix.

Nurseries Spring 1 Class Work

This half term we have been learning about patterns and all the different ways we can make patterns. We started by making colour patterns on the necklace, we had to thread the right colour beads onto the string to create a colour pattern necklace.

We then made colour patterns using the beads, we worked together and helped each other to complete the pattern!

We have been reading a lot of Elmer stories to look at all the patterns in the books! We made our own Elmer by using the collage.

We have been learning how to draw different patterns, we used the skills we have learnt to make patterns in a variety of different ways such as; making our own wallpaper

putting patterns on a butterflies wings,

putting patterns on Elmers’ friends.

We designed our own socks and then collaged the pattern onto the sock!

We designed our own t-shirts using different patterns, we planned our t-shirt on the paper and had to decide whether to use fabric pens, paint or collage on our real t-shirt. When making the t-shirt we had to make sure we followed our plan!

We have been practising our counting and recognising numbers to 10!

We learnt all about e-safety, we spoke about how to keep ourselves safe when we go on our Ipads and tablets at home. We always sit with an adult when using the internet!

We had visitors from Clubmoor come in and show us lots of different instruments. We sang lots of different songs and played along using our instruments!

We love to look at different story books, we use the pictures to tell the story.

We have been practising writing our letter, learning to form them correctly so we can write our own name!

We designed our own pattern onto a biscuit, we had to squeeze the icing tubes with our fingers to be able to create a pattern onto the biscuit. We then ate the biscuit for our snack!

We have been making shape patterns, we had to glue and stick the correct shapes on to follow the pattern.

We made patterns out of fruit! We selected what fruit we wanted in our pattern and then had to push the fruit onto the stick to create a pattern, we then ate our fruit kebabs!

We painted our favourite pattern. We had to use the paint and paintbrush to create our favourite pattern.

We had a pattern party at the end of term to celebrate everything we have learnt about patterns! We wore a pattern on our clothes, made lots of different patterns at different activity stations around Nursery and even made a dance pattern with our bodies, we clapped and stamped and clapped and stamped!

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