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6E's Autumn Class Work

This half term 6E have been learning about why we are human. We looked at various things such as the systems in our bodies, the theory of evolution and how living things adapt to their environment.

In our literacy lessons some of us wrote biographies about Charles Darwin.

In Science, we made our very own creatures and had to describe how they adapt to the environment around them.

Brandon made a creature called ‘Underwater Sonic’. This creature’s skin changes colour depending on its environment, helping it to camouflage itself from any predators!

Jazmin invented the ‘Death Tail’. This creature’s habitat is in the sky, it is blue so it can camouflage and it also shoots spikes out of its tail to warn off any predators.

Kaitlin’s creature is called the ‘Jungle Gordin’. This creature has adapted over hundreds of years and can now change colour depending on its environment (which is usually in the jungle) it also has super strong wings to help it fly really high.

James has created the ‘Soul Crock’ which has adapted over time to have a pouch inside where it can store food for long periods of time so it doesn’t need to hunt when it is tired.

6E's Spring Class Work

During Spring 1 half term 6E have been looking at who the Aztecs were and what lasting effect they had on the world.

The children were particularly interested in Aztec warriors and had a go at making their own Aztec masks!

Nathan, Kaitlin and Harry carefully choosing what materials to use to bring their masks to life!

Some children chose to use paint on their masks.

Can you guess these members of 6E!?

Some of the finished products!

We had a great time learning all about the Aztecs.

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