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5Q Class Work

In 5Q we have been reading Alices adventures in wonderland. We have really enjoyed reading older literature. Alices adventures in wonderland has lots of exciting characters and filled with dramatic speech and riddles.

We have all wrote our own extract to fit into Alices adventures in wonderland. Here is a selection for you to listen to. We hope you get carried away into Wonderland like we have been!


In P.E we have been learning a new dance routine. We have the help of a specialist dance teacher from Archbishop Beck High school. We have discovered lots of new ways in which we can move our body and make different shapes through our movement

We are not quite finished yet but here is a sneak preview!

Spring Term

To end our topic ‘Im a year 5 get me out of here’ we had the difficult job of constructing our own model rural and urban homes. Our mums and dads done a great job of helping us construct these at home. We are very proud of them.

Here are a few pictures of our rural and urban homes.

We have been looking very closely at narrative poetry. At first we were unsure at what a narrative poem was. To help us we used our success ladders to look closely at the qualities of a narrative poem. Firstly we worked as a class, then as a group and finally independently. If we were stuck, we referred to our working wall.

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