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5M Class Work

What an exciting half term! It was lovely to meet my new class and see their enthusiasm towards our topic of 'Were the Vikings vicious or victorious?'.

During the topic the children enjoyed writing a Viking legend story. They produced some fantastic clay work when creating an amazing class Viking museum. They loved having a real life local historian visiting our class.

Here is what some of the children had to say about their first term in Year 5.

"I enjoyed all the lessons because they were interesting and I have learnt lots of new things." Aleesha

"This term I have enjoyed making Viking artefacts out of clay." Sophia

"I enjoyed our trip to Jorvik - it was worth the long journey." Paige

"I liked the Jorvik visit because I felt like I was a real archeologist." Jake

"I have really enjoyed maths, spellings and timestables this term and the fun games to practise them." Lucy

"I have to think of maths facts quickly." Will

"My favourite maths game is Fizz Buzz."

"I know so much more because I have learnt my timestables." Molly


Here is what one pupil from our class said about Spring 1.

The thing I enjoyed the most during the first part of spring term is doing the NOW festival, it was a great experience and helped me improve my drama skills.

I also enjoyed doing a challenge we were set, we had to plan a trip to a European Country. I had lots of fun and learnt about lots of fun and learnt about lots of different places and countries.

I enjoyed writing a recount about the Liverbird flying around Liverpool, it helped me to understand the language you use in a recount and how to write them.

In maths I have enjoyed learning about adding and subtracting to one million, it improved my skills on dividing as well.

The best thing was having a student teach us. It was amazing and she helped us, her name was Mrs Beckwith.

"I loved having Mrs Beckwith to help me with my work, she was very kind. I also like to play Mathletics, it is challenging but it helps me with my maths!" Molly

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