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4Y's Autumn 1 Class Work

Our novel in Autumn 1 was the Egyptian Cinderella. We read the book and linked this to stories from other cultures. Through Talk for Writing we innovated the story to create our own Scouse Cinderella story. Here is a picture of the children acting out different scenes from the story.

4Y's Autumn 2 Class Work

Our topic in Autumn 2 was what happens to the food we eat. As well as learning about how our bodies digest food we worked with Hi Impact to carry out an experiment where children got to see the progress of how human waste is made. Our novel for this half term was Charlotte’s Web as well as lots of links to English the children looked at how big companies like Tesco grow and sell their food. From farm to fork.

4Y's Spring 1 Class Work

Our topic for the spring term was How has Liverpool changed since Kitty Wilkinson’s time. We covered an array of objectives through this topic. Our main focus was local history and the children used old maps and modern atlases to see how Liverpool had changed from the Victorian age to now. We also looked at electricity and how this has changed how we live today. We also looked at who Kitty Wilkinson was and how she had an impact with the local community back in the late 1800’s.

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