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4H's Autumn 1 Class Work


We have used lots of different equipment to help understand the value of each digit in a number.


We used ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ as our text for ‘stories from other cultures’. We created story maps, innovated the text and then wrote our own… which we then ‘published’ in a class book.


We learnt all about the Ancient Egyptians. We had so much fun learning about the topic that we invited the school to visit our class museum!

Other classes loved learning about mummification through the class wiki we created.

4H acted as tour guides, showing others around the exhibits. We even wrote fantastic adverts to persuade everyone to visit!

We also showed off our ‘word-clouds’ which helped up answer the question, “Who was more civilised, the Ancient Egyptians, or us?”


4H Autumn 2 Class Work

Topic and English

We've been learning about the digestive system and found out how poo is made in very hands on science investigations!

We’ve used this knowledge to write explanations about the digestive system.


In maths, we have been learning to estimate. Miss Hardy suggested items, such as African elephants, cars, hamsters and the small intestine. We then had to use our knowledge of measure, as well as items we thought may be a similar size to predict the length of these items.


4H is full of very enthusiastic book lovers! We enjoy reading each other’s work and love to ‘Stop Everything And Read’. When we’ve done some reading, we always tell our partners something we’re enjoying about the book!


In RE, we have been learning about the Christian holy book, The Bible. A special visitor, called Mrs Hardy, came in to see us and taught us 10 fantastic facts about it. We even got to act out the story of The Good Samaritan.

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