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3Y's Autumn Class Work

We’ve been working extremely hard in 3Y in our literacy lessons. We use something called ‘box it up’ when we’re learning a story. Once we have drawn the story out on paper we then box it up into different sections these include, opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending.

As part of our topic this term we had the opportunity to make our own Roman shields. It was so much fun! We even has a battle with the Celts – these are the people that tried to take down the Romans in Britain

In October as part of our topic we went on a trip to Chester. The children really enjoyed it, they got the opportunity to march like Roman soldiers and even see Mr Yeomans and Miss Carroll fight to the death!!

We also got the chance to make a Roman bread bowl similar to the ones the Romans would have had as they travelled through across Europe on the way to Britain.

While we were looking at Roman life in Britain we discovered that they brought lots of Roman things with them to Britain, some of the things included straight roads, bunnies, indoor toilets and even stinking nettles!! Another thing they bought with them were Roman mosaic tiles. We even got to make one for ourselves!

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