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3S Class Work

We have had lots of role play fun this term, acting out the gruesome Anglo Saxon trials! The children learnt about Anglo Saxon laws and punishments and debated whether or not they thought the outcomes were fair!

After reading Beowulf we learnt all about the great Anglo Saxon mead halls and the fabulous feasts they would enjoy together. The Anglo Saxons would often dine to the sounds of recorders and talented poets, so we thought we would do the same at our very own great feast!

In our maths lessons we have been using base 10 to help us multiply bigger numbers! We have worked together to tackle some tricky calculations and played lots of games to help us learn our 3 and 4 times tables!

They had lots of yucky remedies back in the Roman times and the Anglo Saxon times and we thought we’d make a few! Here’s Niamh sampling the Saxon cure for a tummy ache- raw eggs, mint and sugar!

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