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1C's Autumn 1 Class Work

We investigated Victorian toys, it was fun!

We went outside and played Victorian circle games.

We went on a material hunt!

We compared toys today with toys from the past!

1C's Autumn 2 Class Work

We imagined we were going to the North Pole and packed for a cold climate.

We located the North Pole, South Pole and equator on a map of the world.

We compared the weather in Liverpool to the weather in Malawi. We discovered that Malawi is much hotter!

We kept a weather diary!

1C Spring 1 Class Work

We placed events in chronological order.

We used sources to be detectives! We tried to find out who this mystery man is.

We sequenced the main events of ‘The Great Fire of London’.

We made Tudor houses using 3D shapes.

We recreated ‘The Great Fire of London’. The fire spread so quickly!

1C Spring 2 Class Work

We classified animals by what they eat!

We investigated our senses by tasting and smelling different foods.

We labelled parts of a human and tiger’s body. They are so different!

We can sort animals into five different groups!

We created collages in the style of Picasso. They look very strange!

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